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Makoto Inoue

Software Engineer at SimplyBusiness
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Makoto is a web developer at SimplyBusiness, based in London. He is the organiser of the London Ethereum CodeUp and created a BlockParty, party management app with twist built on Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Data Visualisation As an Interface

    Infographics or data visualisations tend to be the output of journalistic or scientific research. You may be wowed by their aesthetics or insightfulness, but that is usually the end of the story. However, if you turn the process on its end and treat visualisations as an input rather than as an output, you might see things from an entirely different perspective. In this talk, I will talk about the journey I took while exploring this possibility, sharing some tips to make your data visualisation more engaging and perhaps even convincing you to give the d3 JavaScript library a try.


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