Premium t-shirts for your event

We automate t-shirt production for technical events

Simple process to purchase personalized t-shirts

You provide t-shirt colours, sizes & quantities


We verify the specification & provide t-shirt visualization for you to confirm


Once confirmed, we start the production and ship your personalized t-shirts within few days

Premium & Personalized T-Shirts for Memorable Event Experience

Provide your event participants with custom designed, premium event t-shirts to create a memorable experience from your event

Simple pricing
from €4.99
  • Europe: FREE Shipping!
  • Premium materials
  • Large variety of colours
  • Sizes from XS to 3XL
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People love our t-shirts

“Calling all t-shirt makers! Eventil makes it easy for you to make your own t-shirts online. No need for expensive, hard-to-figure-out software.”

- Louis Gonzalez, Google

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Our t-shirts are premium quality, optimized for all types of print. They are soft, comfortable and durable. 100% cotton, 200 mg material.


We provide 10 different base colours for our t-shirts.


Wide range of sizes from S to >3XL.


Optimized for beautiful display across all printing methods.

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