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thanks guys I'm crystal Martin I am the organizer of Kotor girl in the community and education engagement manager at launch code just very quick launch called the organization here in st. Louis that gives people with jobs in tech so Kota girls an extension of that and i like to say we're kind of like a rap roof right now so like everyone the state is not going to talk but like it Heitmann because coder girl is really a hype men and women cuz Kota girl is really a community effort this is not something that I organized every week this is something that we collectively make happen so what is colder girl will coda girl is all of his programming meet up like I said it happened to every Wednesday here in st. Louis and what we are focusing on is just getting more women in tech in the space here and network in st. Louis and so we encourage that connection and community and we also encourage learning and so just to talk a little bit about the learning trax do we have it coded or so every week a Carter girl we have these learning tracks and so we are working with a variety of different languages and frameworks one of them we are using the harbor entered the computer science course foundational course to get people started in tech Java with Jenny back here jenny is an awesome mentor and she's going to talk about her project later on but she has developed a course on udemy it takes you from knowing nothing about Java to being able to build projects in Java and then we have a sequel servers and databases group we have an awesome mentor named Kathy Kellenberger who was like the sequel guru and she's teaching women secret code a girl and then we have a web development and design group which we are also going to have some presentations on and we also have hardware hacking with Arduino DH with Jessica so we're playing around with some of that stuff in coming up with cool projects for that in the next quarter so I will let the mentors take it away all right I was totally not informed that this picture was going to be on the slide I'm halina converse I've been working with the web development and design group basically our goal in doing this is trying to take web development and making it something so that it's not so heartily to get into it because there's a lot of different languages and frameworks that are involved in just making a simple web page that like looks pretty so we basically go through and take people through HTML CSS we're taking people the PHP route for doing back end and then sticking javascript in on front of that and for our project this year we wound up going through I guess it was this semester we wound up going through and actually started building us a coda girl website as opposed to just having like a page on launch codes page so we're hoping to really get that picked up and running so that we can get stuff out and over there all the way on the right is our coder girl website one point O celebration yeah you have it up we're going to show the website so this website is all mirroring all right so what we wound up doing for the website was just going through and figuring out what the base things that we needed we had some fun designs going through and getting that all set out and then the coder girls were going and looking at that and figuring out how to make it run and one thing that makes me very proud is from step one they decided to do mobile responsive as well so I'm very proud of them okay who's up next so I am introducing people to Java development as there's quite a quite an offering for jobs in that area and quite a need for developers one of the things I noticed was that classes tend to have a gap so they introduce you to programming the introduce you to object-oriented design and then there's this big technology gap before you're ready for a job you need to pick up databases you need to pick up web development you need to pick up full stack and so along with that comes although the teamwork you need get you need revision control you need to know how to work with the ticketing system and how to plan and scope your work and do it iteratively and the classes don't really cover that very well you need a team you need to be working with a team so team projects are the second step in this learning process for the folks who are learning java on the team projects they divided into small groups three to five people and come up with their own idea for an application and then based on their interests they spec out what it's going to include I help them keep it to a small version to begin with so we can do it iteratively and then from there we figure out what technologies do you need to do this what do you need to go learn to get comfortable with those technologies and how are we going to break this down for a group to be able to work on together so I've got two groups right now who are working on team projects one of them is doing a roommate finance tracker and the other is doing a recipe program and they're encountering a lot of interesting details along the way that result in people pairing result in people researching stuff and bringing it back and presenting it to teammates and these are all skills that are doing a great job of getting them ready for their for their jobs and in fact out of eight people currently working on team projects I believe three of them have been placed in jobs and one is very close to doing so so we've got a pretty good success rate going here so the team environment really does a lot to help them keep moving along after your past the basic academics of what is programming and what do I do with it there's how do I serve my teammates and how do we build something awesome together and so supporting this team project process has really given them encouragement to look beyond what they've encountered to reach out to the hard stuff and learn cool new stuff and be ready to go on the job so that's been my focus with the Java team projects hey my name is Ricky and I helped lead the project that is the continuation of cs50 for those of you who don't know cs50 is the Harvard's introduction to computer science class it is taught in C and that provides you know a bit of limitation we can do afterwards and for my project at least we kind of just you know come together we come up with ideas and I let them kind of you know just brains from what they want to do without the limitation of Technology and then we take their idea and move it forward in this case we decide to make a game we try to imitate asteroids if something would like to plug that in and we did it in Ruby and if we can show it I also like to thank j down there who's part of lambda lounge who was who came on as a random mentor who helped a lot with the project and cats good for me oh this is probably not going to work because the resolution is hard-coded because we never got that far but surprise it's asteroids going over some of the details of the projects out roughly we're trying to structure it as a quarter system so the teams have you know about 12 ish weeks to come up the ideas get it working go through the technology go for it you know those trials and tribulations that really help you become a good programmer and learn all the tools required for it alright so that's code a girl in a box keep in touch with us like I said it's an awesome program everyone who's on this stage has done so much to make it awesome and we have so much fun every week there are 35 to 40 quarter girls who show up every week we have 15 to 20 mentors who show up who are professional programmers here at companies here in st. Louis and so it's a lot of fun if you're in the area come and join us we'll be at the CIC which is on 4240 Duncan in the cortex area every Wednesday six to eight and you can get involved anyway if you want to come as a mentor if you want to come just as a participant hang out be our photographer if you're not in the st. Louis area and you like what we do promote us make other people excited about this and so we are on the slack channel you can talk about it we can hang out here at strange loop that's our website on the launch pro website cutter girl 1 will be up very soon if you have any questions you want to reach out that's the email address and we're on facebook twitter and meetup com thanks so much for your attention