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Stop Guessing and Start Measuring - Benchmarking in Practice

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The talk aims to build a general understanding of benchmarking and best practices in benchmarking to avoid common pitfalls and wrong results as often observed in the real world.The talk marries the explanation of the general concepts with some practical usage and examples with the benchee library for benchmarking ( that I'm the author of. Examples also include some surprising results, like how body-recursive functions can be faster than tail-recursive functions, how the order of arguments can affect performance on the BEAM, how much slower Map.merge/3 is compared to merge/2 etc.A slight introduction into statistics is included to make sense of the data and show which values are important where, what they are good for and why "average" isn't the best value and why one might prefer median/nth percentile. The library is written in Elixir, but I always wanted to make it work with Erlang so I vow that if accepted I'll look into what improvements I can make for easy usage from Erlang :)

Erlang User Conference 2017

The Call for Talks Thank you everyone who has submitted a talk! The talks will now be reviewed by the Programme Committee. We aim to be notifying everyone by 17 March.