AngularJS: making a browser a better development platform

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This talk will familiarize you with AngularJS JavaScript framework and its revolutionary approach to writing single-page web applications. AngularJS is unique in many ways with its DOM-based, declarative templating, ability to extend HTML vocabulary and strong focus on testing. AngularJS will be introduced by contrasting it with traditional approaches and showing benefits of the AngularJS-way (extremely concise yet readable code, testability and most importantly – making web development fun again!). This will be an interactive talk with plenty of code examples.

DevFest Nantes 2013

Le DevFest Nantes 2013 est une journée de conférences organisée par le GDG Nantes, qui s'inscrit dans un évènement mondial : les DevFests. Les DevFests sont des événements communautaires de grande...