Why Dart?

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hi again hi my name is Phillip and I'm going to talk about dark so but first let's talk about the web well web is obviously the biggest and probably the most promising platform of today let's have a look of what a developer can use when he wants the program for the web on the client side well he uses JavaScript obviously he probably wants to use some of the improvements over JavaScript so JavaScript closure whatever different combinations and his ID is probably a simple text editor so this is what it boils down to you have JavaScript some sugar on top and a text editor now you might not see anything wrong with that but that's because you guys are JavaScript gurus you live and breathe javascript all day long so of course this comes natural to you but consider a normal developer that just comes to web and tries to develop something for that right so to come to take it closer to you imagine that you're a mac OS developer and all you can use on Mac OS is a scripting language and vemma so for example your pipe but I'm sorry your Adobe and you want to do a photoshop and you need to use python and vin for that is it possible to do that of course it is but do you really want to do that probably not but this is exactly what is happening right now on the web so you only have JavaScript and so people who want to do really really complex stuff are really sad about that because they can't I mean can't use that right so it's even sadder than that so a lot of people right now are actually using Java to program for the web sorry and that is even sadder right so for example gmail is actually built in Java and cross compile to JavaScript so we obviously need more choice and that is all about choice so let's have a look what that really is so dark first is a programming language you probably know this its programming language that has some improvements syntactical improvements over javascript but also semantical if you're really quick you can see that here i'm using lexical scoping just like that no magic it just works it's not only programming language though it's also a set of libraries it's a ide that lets you do stuff like you know step-by-step debugging it's also a command-line vm or any other vm and it's also a cross compiler to compile to JavaScript so that you can run your dart code today in any modern browser and it's so much more but of course I only had four minutes for less so I can't run into details but please if you're interested look into this page there's a lot of stuff there and if you're even more interested you can visit my code lab tomorrow morning so thank you for attention thank you hit him