R0 DAY1-05 RPyScan - Melvin Foo, Hannie Ching, Tan Le Xuan (PyCon APAC 2015)

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Speaker: Melvin Foo, Hannie Ching, Tan Le Xuan,With the advent of low cost 3D printers, there is an increasing demand for 3D technology in many diverse fields. However, 3D printing requires a 3D model as input, usually modeled in a computer. But why should we tediously create a model from scratch, when we can simply scan the objects and modify them? In this project, we present RPyScan, an effective and low cost DIY 3D scanner which makes use of photogrammetry to infer depth information from photos. With eno

PyCon APAC 2015

PyCon APAC (Asia Pacific) is a conference organized by the Python community and for the community. It is an annual convention that can be enjoyed by Python users of all experience levels, from new ...