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The Only Girl in the Room

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The news has been filled with stories of sexism in tech. These stories cover major, obvious instances that, hopefully, are not common in our everyday lives. So why is sexism (and inclusion for everyone) getting so much attention? Have you ever thought “I believe that it's tougher and I want to help, but I've never seen it happen?” Our day-to-day definition of normal is not as inclusive as we think it is. Come get an inside look at what kinds of daily things happen that make it very difficult to be a woman in tech. Note: This is a panel discussion. Panel includes: Beth Tucker Long, Eryn O'Neil, and Gary Hockin.

Midwest PHP 2015 Conference

Invading Minnesota March 17-18 Midwest PHP is the FUN conference. This is our fifth annual conference, and each year it gets better and better. Our goal is to share best practices, ideas, and…