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Bootcamps or Bust? How we can train future iOS developers

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As software engineers, we all have to learn constantly — it's part of the job description. But in recent years, the demand for more developers and the prevalence of low-cost and high quality online teaching has led to a stark shift in the way new developers enter the field. Over the last year, the percentage of programmers indicating they were self taught shot up from 41% to 69%. Self-taught learning poses potential pitfalls for new programmers, but also for their future employers and colleagues. This session would take a look at how new developers are learning, and help identify ways forward. For newer developers, we will identify some of the areas that are most important for future growth. For employers and current engineers, we will look at how to more accurately assess the skills of new developers, and how to help them get up to speed quickly in the areas in which they're lacking. This also means taking a hard look at current hiring practices, especially when it comes to the reliance on testing algorithmic thinking as the key metric of future performance. As we wrap up, we'll look at the future of the job market, and think together about not only what we would have liked to focus on in our own education, but how to pass those lessons on to the next wave of developers.

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