Preventing Cat-astrophes with GNU MediaGoblin

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of preventing catastrophes with ganor media goblin by bin so please give ben a warm welcome thank you hello there I first met media goblin about four and a half years ago my wife and I were sitting at a card table surrounded by cardboard boxes full of our all our worldly possessions eating Thai takeaway and if you've ever tried to eat anything off a card table you know how difficult that is rickety and wobbly and up and down and it's even harder when you're nine months pregnant and you're about to give birth in the next couple of days so we were eating our takeaway they're discussing the exciting you know plans in a sense it's an exciting time and we we we started talking about privacy and how we're going to host photos and videos of our new little person and we came right to talking about media goblin so meaty goblin is a tool for hacker parents to post photos of their babies well not really not at all actually it's not it's not privacy focused at the moment currently it's it's it's a and it's not just for hack appearance it's it's intended to be for everyone it's it's a tool for artists and and it's it's a tool for artists to be able to publish their their works it's a it's a media publishing system in a gallery sort of format so you take your work you upload into the gallery and other people can view it it's for painters for illustrators for musicians for 3d modelers for people who make guitar effects and won't be able to demonstrate them and for speakers so the idea is that you can collect and curate beautiful and interesting things based on whatever your understanding of beautiful and interesting might be it's a Python web application and oh I have it running here on my laptop so I'll give you a little demo now we'll see works ok so this is media goblin it has a web interface it's I'm running this this application on my laptop here and this is the homepage of the media Goblin site that I've installed here so i'll log in this is what you might see as an anonymous visitor i'll log in i have an account here so i've uploaded some things here already it's the the the key difference between media goblin and other systems is that it doesn't do just images or just photos or just audio or just other things it does multiple types of media for the same author so you can upload all sorts of things here I'll show you for example so there's some things here I'll show you in a second I haven't I'm going to only upload a couple of things just to save some time so what we'll do here is as an author I'll add a piece of media now I'm a extremely passionate free software activist and developer but there are some things that are more important to me and one of those is cycling and this is a this is a bicycle welter tricycle actually but I own and I take my kids around in a little bit and remove other things around so what happened there was i just uploaded that piece of media now nothing actually happened because that's just been uploaded and media goblin has to do some work now behind the scenes to actually produce a version that you can look at you have might have different formats and different sizes and all this sort of stuff but if i refresh now that's been working the background and it's now published on my media goblins i'm so this is the box bike it's really it's quite a fun piece of gear no it's got a big box in the front and you can put all you know I put 80 kilos in the front and cut it around so it has the normal sorts of gallery type thing so it has titles descriptions I didn't add a description as you saw there tagging you can modify the slugs you can specify a custom license meaty goblin is very respectful of your choice to you know it could be an all rights reserved type license or something more free culture friendly like CC by-sa and you can set a default license too I'll flip back here and there's all sorts of other features like collections so you can collect certain types of meter on the same related to you know Star Wars whatever you what do you like to do there's reporting features so that the terms of service on your site if there's a breach of the terms of service someone can report that that and the the moderator can connection that what else do we have we have comments so you can add a comment no oh okay I can't see it on my laptop cool where's my comment button yeah cool so we've got a comment on the blog so so that images so that's your flickr essentially instead of having some web service to do that you can you can host it yourself we we also do i showed you tagging there's a geo tagging feature so if you have a camera that's that adds a gps location on to your photos it'll actually pop up a little map in that this spot here and you'll be able to see where it is on the map which is quite neat but as I mentioned guna media goblin is multimedia ready so it also does things like audio and I've played one of those here this one is an alarm that my stunt i recorded to put onto our phone to remind us to lock our trucks are chickens if you're not from australia or using honor suppose so we have backyard chickens and if we leave them out at night the Foxes come and eat them so obviously want that so we have this alarm on our phone and with i uploaded heater so we had a copy of it a nice waveform like a spectrograph there and a most media player which are quite nicely so I uploaded that in just a WAV format and it's converted it to a web friendly Balbus web web mmm bulbous format so I didn't have to worry about it it's a beautiful feeling to be a technical person who has done all this sort of media conversion at one point or another and tried to figure out formats and bit rates and all this stuff and just drag it on here and up it goes it's lovely and in addition to audio it does video I'll show you some kids next in the line here so that would be your soundcloud essentially so if you're a musician or speaker whatever you might be it does PDF so as someone who speaks occasionally I like to add put some slides up online this is a great tool because we've got the the PDF j/s feature in here so you can go through slides so you can put up both the video of the talk and the slides and as I mentioned I said that would be or you know slideshare something like that and we have video of course so this is a video of the free software foundation's 30th birthday celebration which is actually quite fun so you should have a public scene it's a couple years old but still sometimes really nice animations got a good good strong storage but what happens when the tools we use are obeying someone else a tool you control I went played all but that this is the most compelling use case for me personally the the video drag it up and it's their format because things like you know videos my my kids I don't want to put on YouTube and I want to be able share them with my family this sort of stuff but I also use this for talk videos and stuff as well that I that I don't have such a strong privacy concern about so think that's all right is that I'm get useful yeah well I'll show you one more thing this is say this I think is the coolest feature so far one of my friends wrote this game he targeted it 14 year old kids I guess the kids this is a I won't put a title it's the 3d model so what you might print in a 3d printer so he wrote this game called cargo it's about a snail a post snail who delivers letters in blender actually it's quite cool so I'll show you that's let's just started uploading I'll show you the way this works architectural II so I have a process running there that runs the web process this is a secondary process running in the background on a system called salary which you might have seen if you do web applications that's salary but that's media goblin talking to blender blend of a 3d modeling program so salaries just asking blender to do some conversions of that format which is interesting what does that look like okay so here's the snail he's cargo the character of our of our story and there's a from that stl file he's a render of cargo the snow from the top or whatever these perspective so we have a couple of free rendered shots of cargo and here's cargo we consume you have good look at cargo that's any good this was this was done by a ver el cheque for a bounty she's one of the core contributors to media goblin but this was done for a bounty for 3d printer by the lulzbot team they put in a putting two bounty for this who could provide a feature comparable to think of this and I ever came up with this in a couple of days which is truly amazing this is sort of you know complex talking to blender here's your beautiful experience of uploading a 3d for oh there it is lovely sorry I'll put back to slides if I can nope there we go there we go cool okay so so let's meet a goblin the web application that you've seen it's a new project Saudi embodies all the for the philosophy of the new project being that it's it's really important that people have right to control their own use of computing in their lives so it's a GPL licensed which is a great license to choose for a server based application it now supports platen three of the last as of the last release and you might you might be quite familiar with the if you dive near the code you'd probably see some similarities if you're writing Django it has it's not Django but it does has similar models pi and you know routes URLs the plight of thing it's postgresql alchemy salary to do the back end processing gstreamer does all the audio video transcoding which is a fantastic framework and handles all sorts of media types brilliantly mmm it's entirely pluggable so you can write your own vindication media types themes that sort of stuff and it has this other interesting feature where it has an API that's compatible with the pump io protocol I'll show you that actually if I can if I can find my terminal okay do they just do there is a wrong answer here we go okay so this is pumper pumper is a client for the plant bio social network which is a second-generation free software social network that came about but the author of statusnet which is now a new social roach pompeo as a successor to statusnet and just to be clear this this social networking client knows nothing about media goblin it's never it doesn't know me to goblin exists as a as a theme but it talks this thing called activity streams Jason activity streams and now what I've what I've done is I've just connected this to my immediate goal and server so what we're actually doing is we're not implementing a new social network but we're using an existing social network and we're able to interact with this meaty goblin server so i can go to this photo of yep so i might go i'll comment on this bike too why not oops and if I flip back over to media Goblin we should see two comments yeah so this is really key and that we're not reinventing the wheel here we can provide full client features but we don't have to build our own social network because that's not really a feasible thing to do so the idea here is that you'll run media Goblin heroes I am on my laptop on a server that you control that's the point of this you're not using someone else's centralized system you're using your own so this is Jason activity streams which is the client to server protocol which I just showed you with pompe it doesn't really matter what the details are here it's a JSON blob that says Chris posted an image to of this goblin in this case we know who chris is because the client to server protocol soap knows who the client is because it's talking to them has a whole lot of other cool features like command line upload which I found really useful when I'm uploading a whole lot of meetup videos or recordings you can just specify on my command line does bulk upload from csv if you were say running a conference and you can actually configure it to read to avoid re transcoding stuff if you've already done your Transpo for your conference videos or something like that it's all cued up so there's a nice little system where you cand reprocess things if the transcoding doesn't work properly so YouTube or Flickr or SlideShare or something like it might be right for you but I media government might not be the right choice for you is so to say um if you're comfortable with that sort of hands-off approach and you really just don't want to think about it because you've got other things to think about which is totally fine you don't care where the data lives I think that's that's fine you should totally choose that because I mean as an activist I think the most important thing is that you live by your own values and not mine that's that's a really important part of having a comfortable happy life i think is living by your own values but on the other hand we need to acknowledge that we are entrusting these enormous corporations with our precious cultural works and these organizations have very different values to us we need to acknowledge that the sacrifices that we make including things like controlling which country things can be seen from censoring unfavorable media things like New Zealand's political cartoonist Malcolm Evans his cartoons on the Israeli Palestine conflict being censored and say you were a punk rock group making music about Vladimir Putin's involvement with the church in his election there really is no no free speech without independent media publishing so we just need to be a little bit careful i think the other thing to be aware of is that where the these sort of sweeping DCMA copyright takedown things where essentially i mean you might be aware if you throw on youtube and you kind of have sony as a keyword in your video there's a good chance that these Auto takedown features will just take you down and it's on your onus to actually fight this this process and make sure your your video is reinstated there's also a subtle effect of these automated popularity rankings so things like you know the stuff that comes up on the front page these tend to strip the the the diverse and unique flavors out of some of our what we see and we get this sort of bland mainstream culture I think that's that's a sad thing and what will people say in pythons 25 years old now what will people say in 25 years about what happened to Kiwi pycon will they say I wonder what Kiwi Pikkon was like I wish I could get onto that video but it looks like it's gone I mean I wouldn't be the first person to have gone back to have a look at a video a technical video and found that that site no longer exists these large corporations aren't good custodians of our cultural works and that's not to say they're doing it deliberately or there's anything malicious in there it's just that there are values are different and it's not to say it'll be big bang like this it may just be the slow erosion of videos that weren't popular or videos that the author never didn't hang around to fight the DC may take down that occurred 10 years after they they publish the video but the amity goblins not to replace enormous hosting websites with enormous hosting websites the aim of media goblin is to replace is to allow allow everyone to scale down to a node for their organization or their household or their community the idea is for it to be a non-technical media publishing system where you can essentially pull this thing out of the box and stick it into the wall and start dragging a meeting on to it that's what we're really aiming for here and now is the right time for this stuff because we have affordable low-power hardware we have in many cases fiber to the home or fiber to the node so we can actually afford to start putting stuff in our own households under our own control and when you control the data you can control the Terms of Service which is great you could make a site that actually respects your code of conduct rather than someone else's so media goblin is a young but very ambitious project and behold as I mentioned the idea is not to make it just for seaside means or happy you know hackers like me to be able to use we want everyone to be able to use this system we at the moment it's distributed which means that you can run your own instance of it but it's not federated yet and I'll explain what Federation is in a second we've just released well not just but a little while back 0.9 was released and that has all the plumbing for this Federation feature which I'm going to tell you up but the full user interface for Federation is due in version 1.0 which which is coming up sometime in the future it's under active development at the moment so Federation this is the the modern social experience the stuff we really want to be I do like comment on run their own instance of media goblin and someone else is running their instance of media goblin we don't need an account on every single server we have this feature where we can comment or subscribe to someone what's an example say so this person here might like the media of this person and they subscribe to this person so their servers they send a message to their server their home server consider it like email essentially so when I say home I don't mean I said that you're running in your home I mean the server that you belong to sort of you have an attachment to so this person sends a message through their client to their their server to say I'm I would like to follow in in the language of activity streams this person over here that server makes a note of the following activity sends it on to this server over here and that server will probably send a message also that person to say that they've been followed and then that server now knows to pass any messages back when there's new media showing up similar things work for comments so once once there's the following relationship this server knows that it has to notify back this way when there's when a comment is posted or new media's post little stuff like that so the key takeaway here is that Federation is a server to server feature so we have the client to server feature already Federation is server to server it's messaging between servers and storage of different states across the across the network so activity streams is the way we do this both for the client to server and this server to server Federation this is based on the pump iro social network originally and this is a similar Jason blob that you don't really need to understand but gives you the idea essentially so Jason activity streams is adjacent serialization of this activity and saying hear something like Chris the person posted an image to his followers and that message gets passed around the network essentially so it's both a command and the log language so this is sent as sent to Chris's home server as a command and it gets passed around the network as a log language as well it's as I mentioned it's a it's a an existing protocol so we're not reinventing the wheel here one of the other quite ambitious goals of the media government project is to standardize some of this social web stuff so this is a photo of chris with their glasses and they're above above the the lady with the purple jumper chris webber core developer jessica talon core developer and evan prodromou up in the top left Chris and Jessica are media goblin developers and Evans the original pump iron author so they're working in the w3c social working group to try and get activity streams to the the successor to Jason activity streams through as well as another standard called activity pub which is the protocol for how these social networks work so activity streams to is the new and improved serialization of these activities and activity pub is the social network protocol so how how social networks will work and they've spent a whole lot of time looking at different social networks and trying to really bring something to the table it's really solid and then working super hard and trying to get an implementation out so they can get to recommendation status which is quite challenging and they've quite time constrained and they're working really hard so go to them I really hope they can bring it together because their their tenancy with their w3c finishes the end of this year so ambitious and progressive work how can you help you could write a plug-in you could as a developer you could write your own plug-in to do themes authentication a different media format that you like or a feature you might look like geocoding you can come and sprint with us I'll be sprinting tomorrow and medical so feel free to come and join us I'd love to help you get a get a patch in and it's quite accessible and easy to do in in a day I think but the more important thing sometimes then contributions I mean we really value contributions is money media goblin has some really great developers and we'd love it if they didn't have to go and do contracting to to to pay their pay their bills we love it if these developers could work full-time on media go on and build these great features for example the Federation feature jessica is working full-time currently based on the funding from the last campaign so that that's an example of how how your money is being put to good use by the mid Eagleman project so meaty goblin is a it's we call it fiscal sponsorship fiscal sponsor is the FSF the u.s. charity they they do the administration and the accounting and the paperwork for me to goblin so that the developers can get on with the actual interesting work so I'd strongly encourage you to support by making a donation to meeting goblin and also becoming an associate member at the FSF if you're not already well I'm here are lawfully plug for the software freedom Conservancy they do amazing work in the free software space also a couple little projects you might have heard of ji event coliseo mercurial pipe a sugar-sweet buildbot busy but get homebrew inkscape qemu sambar selenium wine the other the ones i thought you might know there's a whole lot of other projects they these projects have all chosen to share their administration rather than suspend their valuable developer time on it so they they use software and Conservancy to do that administration which is a really great thing so please support them so many goblin is media hosting for artists so if you're a pixel artist you write research papers you do meet up recordings podcasts stop motion video you talk at conferences you take photos of food and or are you growing your very own hacker baby media goblin is for you so go make something amazing and host it on me too good one thank you alright we have time for like a couple quick questions yep how easy is it to do backups as easy as these on any system I guess backups meaty goblin doesn't inherit Lee handle backups like most systems it's your responsibility as as the person running the system to do do backups yes I was wondering does media goblin have much support for metadata being sought alongside files yeah so any plug-in can add whatever metadata it needs to the database so photos for example have you know location time the type of camera all that sort of stuff 3d models have the volume the size like the center of the object what sort of stuff is that the type of metadata you talking about oh yeah yeah yep that could certainly be adamant so last question so I'm a consulting software engineer and I do user experience development as well so I'm always interested to talk to interesting people about interesting projects so feel free to get in touch if you ever looking to talk and do the media files get served with a streaming protocol or is it straight up HTTP hmm good question normally you would run media goblin behind a proxy such as engine X or Apache it would probably depend on how you configure that proxy as to whether that was available yeah all right thank you very much so we've got the closing ceremony