Lessons from the experimental edge of technology

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When asked if I wanted to build a Chrome Experiment: a thing that shows off some of the new technology coming to browsers - of course I said yes! Then promptly I bit off the biggest bite of tech I could get my hands on: WebRTC, two way video, peer connection API, orientation events, CSS3 animations, Three.js: generally a lot of tech I didn't really understand! This talk is about the experience of working with WebRTC for video & data streaming and creating a game with embedded video. How some of the problems I encountered blew my schedule to pieces and perhaps how I could have done things differently.

JSConf US 2013

We have been doing JSConf for 5 years with 10 events across the world and every single one has been better than the previous, it is something we take a great deal of pride in. We make events that a...