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From Junior Java Developer to Tech Lead and beyond

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Every while on the mailing list you see the question: "What should I learn to be a good developer?" We will go through different stages of the software developer and discuss what is important at each stages. What is crucial and what is nice to have? Does it change when you gain more experience? We will start from Junior Developer and following Dryefus model of skill aquisition we will see how you can make the best decisions on each level. Who should you pair program with? Should you pair program at all? Is it better to learn 20h a day, or just 2h? Should you learn Spring or Java EE stack? What about other "HR" skills? Is it important to be a good communicator? We will also go through some tools like technology radar, IDEs and productivity tools. As well as processes like JUG meetings, conferences and hackathons. Come to learn and share your experience. It is supposed to be very interactive presentation.

Confitura 2013

Największa bezpłatna konferencja dla miłośników i pasjonatów języka Java i powiązanych technologii