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WebRTC : Real Time Communication

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WebRTC implements open standards for realtime, plugin-free video, audio and data communication. The core WebRTC APIs – getUserMedia, RTCPeerConnection and DataChannel – have now been implemented across Chrome and Firefox. In this session, we show you how to get started with building a WebRTC app: - what’s a MediaStream (aka getUserMedia) and how can I use it? - resolution constraints - signalling: what is it and how can I set it up? - servers: what do I need? - RTCPeerConnection: WebRTC’s most powerful API - RTCDataChannel: realtime communication of arbitrary data - integrating WebRTC with Web Audio - interoperability - security During the session, we talk through code examples, live demos and production apps.

DevFest Nantes 2013

Le DevFest Nantes 2013 est une journée de conférences organisée par le GDG Nantes, qui s'inscrit dans un évènement mondial : les DevFests. Les DevFests sont des événements communautaires de grande...