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Getting More Millage from your Monads with MTL

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MTL stands for Monads Transformers Library, but it has barely little in common with monad transformers. Well that's confusing, right? To be honest, in the ancient times, in some long forgotten, prehistoric version of Haskell, MTL was a library holding monad transformers - but those times are long forgoten. In a nutshell, MTL provides set of abstractions (defined as typeclasses) over many useful patterns that can be applied to types. This allows to write a lot more generic & maintainable code, with noticeably less amount of boilerplatte. MTL brings a a breath of fresh air to pure FP projects that heavly rely on effectful computations closed over monads. Intrigued? Confused? Or maybe both? You should see my talk, it will be fun & instructive.

SCALAR Conference 2017

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