48. Advanced Parallel Primitives in SPM.Python for Data and Graph Analytics

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either thanks for joining us this saturday a Sunday morning Wow yes it's Sunday yes thank you okay can you explain your poster okay so this is a bell runtime environment Python runtime environment that our clients use to solve problems in data and graph analytics so it's a battle version of python that can be used to express parallelism across servers causing GPUs and the focus of the poster is we are focusing on the primitives that can be used to express these problems in these domains now there are other parallel tools I've seen like parallel Python so can you compare yourself to some of them I mentioned four of them year and typically they tend to be in one of two ways people have gone about solving problems in this space one is library based which I have not mentioned here and the others are framework based and when you have frameworks they're closer together developers are but they are highly specialized so you can only use it in three situations you cannot use it in the others you take another framework it has the same problem very good in one situation but not the others and our approach is based on primitives so you can use the same set of the same infrastructure to express different ideas so can you give an example of what you would distribute and how like what type of process what I have shown you are visually are five different phones or parallelism that if you were talking about in terms of frameworks you can only use this kind and not the other file for example so here what I have five patterns and this is the corresponding pseudo code in Python and the point here is although they are five distinct forms of parallelism the code is practically the same and the reason it is the same is because we are customizing the stuff in maroon and that's the stuff that we provide interesting okay so what's the licensing on this it's suppose so I mean burnet it's a hub-and-spoke system and which license post spoke so it's a / / environment licensors