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Cost of Delay: better prioritisation, trade-offs, conversations

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“Cost of Delay is the golden key that unlocks many doors. It has an astonishing power to totally transform the mindset of a development organisation.” – Donald G. Reinertsen. This session will look at Cost of Delay, what it is and how it helps in three areas: Improving Prioritisation: Use Cost of Delay to surface assumptions & focus on what's valuable and urgent. CD3 helps you get more of what you want, faster. If you want to move on from prioritisation by gut-feel, MoSCoW hell or HiPPO-driven decisions, you need to understand Cost of Delay. Making Better Decisions: Product Development is full of tradeoffs. What are our queues costing us? Use Cost of Delay for better decisions and enable distributed decision-making at all levels in your organisation. Changing the Conversation: If the system has little or no information about value and urgency it will optimise for other things – typically cost and dates, which tends to drive the wrong behaviours.

Øredev 2017

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