Building a real-time analytics engine in JRuby

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When most people hear big data real time analytics, they think huge enterprise systems and tools like Java, Oracle and so on. Thats not the case at Burt. We're building a real time ad analytics engine in Ruby, and we're handling tens of thousands of requests per second so far. Thanks to JRuby we can have the best of two worlds, the ease of developing with Ruby, and the robustness of the Java echosystem. In this talk you'll discover how we built a massive crunching pipeline using only virtual servers on AWS and free tools like JRuby, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, Cassandra and Nginx.

wroc_love.rb 2013

The main goal of the conference is very clear. We want to help Ruby professionals become better at what they do. Wroc_love.rb serves best to people who are already fluent with Ruby. The ideas prese...