The Power of Lightning Dialer and Click-to-Dial in Salesforce

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welcome good afternoon my name is Andy Kong I am a director of product management from Salesforce I'm really excited to be here speaking at a Tullio conference my team has been working very closely with the Tweel team for quite some time now by the way my team just told me that I overdressed a bit for a developer conference so now no more self-conscious now so thank you but I'm really thrilled to be here to talk about a product that that we that we built that's built on top of toil but before I start I want to take a moment recognizing any Salesforce customers in the audience show of hand excellent what about your Salesforce partners okay we have a few so thank you very much for being such great customers and partners we really appreciate your business and if you are not yet a Salesforce customer I also invite you to explore how sales force can help you and your customers be even more successful now since today we'll be talking about for looking roadmap visions here's the for looking statement Salesforce is a publicly traded company pleased to make any purchasing decisions based on the features and functionality that are currently available in the market also myself and my colleague will be available in the hallway after the presentation to answer any questions all right so today the product I want to talk to you about is called lightning dialer now lining dialer is a native Salesforce experience we're calling it allows you to make and receive calls right from Salesforce you can multitask you can take notes and after the call you will automatically capture the activity but today I also want to spend some time just sharing our stall process our experience our journey in building this product so let me spend a few minutes just to talk about why we build this product in the first place what exactly what problems were trying to solve now I am from sales cloud product management and my job at the end of the day is to help our customers sell faster sales smarter and sell the way that fits their business so we've seen shift in sales engagement from the traditional channels to digital channels so that means less time travelling more time spent on the phone more online meetings more email text social media and that's all great because technology help us reach more customers drive costs down save us more time but there are also new challenges for example with much more less time with our customers how do I make the conversation more engaging or how do I get my prospect on the phone in the first place who do I connect when do I call how do I manage all these digital channels but most importantly how what do I do with the data from these channels how do I make sense of it so that's where Salesforce comes in we want to help you take all your data not just salesforce data but also your email your calendar your social network your iot and then we want to apply artificial intelligence with those data as you may have heard we have a suite of Einstein products which is our artificial intelligence so we can provide you with insights into your business and your customers and as you can imagine with any AI solutions it gets smarter if you provide it with good clean data so how do we get good clean data into into your crm well it turned out that's also a challenge because it turns out that today capturing activities in the CRM it's still very much a manual process especially for sales teams I've talked with a lot of customers and I heard stories like Southwest would spend an entire Friday afternoon just log everything that happened during a week so as you can imagine not only those data are usually incomplete but they are not captured at the right moment and these are all very critical signals for AI solution so that's our motivation and in fact survey shows that sales users are only spent as spending as much time selling as the administrative tasks and these are other things like scheduling meetings sending our emails and in calling so lining dialer is our solution to improve that experience for calling for our sales teams so now we have a motivation to build a product now before we build any product we want to identify exactly who we are building this product for who our target users are and for us we identify two personas the first group are who we call the deal closer these are the folks that prep for sales calls demo solutions prep quotes contract proposals and ultimately close fields they may have different titles a different company but for them they're all about activities activities activities so it's critical that we help them capture all interactions with the customers and make sure those data are in Salesforce and we also want to help them find data quicker whether it is they're on the phone they need to find a piece of information or when some of the customer calls you you need to quickly look up the information or even better know what this customer is calling you about before you even answer it and we also want to help these users manage their follow up better the second group of users are who we call the pipeline builders for them these are the user who has to dial 100-200 home phone numbers every day they are measured by the number of calls they make the amount of time they spend on the call so for them every click counts they have to find new leads determining fit qualify and nurture leads so for these have our users we need to help them save time in the dialing the looking up customer information we want to help them save time in determining who to call next we want to help them manage multiple workspaces because they are the user that has to open many records at one so we help them multitask better and for course activities we need to help them capture those activities in the CRM as well well so now we know who we are building a product for now the next thing for us is that we want to set some goals exactly what values that we want to provide our customers so for us there are three areas that we focus on the first is that we want to provide a native integrated calling experience in Salesforce that means you can make and receive calls right from your CRM there's nothing to install there's no physical equipment required it's really easy to set up and set up and go the second area is productivity and not just on the calling but the things that you have to do before the call during the call and after the call we want to help our users do better so all the way from finding the record making a call taking notes capturing that activity to follow up it's all in a falls into this category and last but not least we want to surface intelligence now that we help you capture all this information in the CRM we want to in turn give you insights into your business and help you do your job better so now that we want to build a product the next thing for us to do is we need to find the right technology and for us finding the right partners is very important there are a couple criterias that we evaluated trust is number one for Salesforce so we needed a trusted platform and also we need a partner that can scale potentially to every Salesforce customers and we need a strong API support because we want a very native experience in Salesforce we want control our design where I control the flow and also flexible enough so you will work very well with the Salesforce platform and last but not least like Salesforce we want to partner with a culture of innovation so Tulio was the obvious choice for us to move forward so we decided to build our product on top of Tulio so now we're building a product now as a product owner one of the most exciting part that I like about my job is scoping the releases what goes into a release especially for the first release the MVP release often times it will break or make your product so for us we decided to focus on the basics so we start with click-to-call you can click on any phone number field in Salesforce and make a call right from the browser when you're on the call you can take notes you can navigate to other places you can multitask and after the call we just automatically capture that activity and every user has a personal number to receive incoming calls and when you get an incoming call we automatically look up the records even surface any recent informations for you so that's the first release it's a very scope to use case very focused so then the second release is all about filling the gaps so we supported reporting if you are a sales manager you can't get insights into how your team is performing you can see all recall histories if you get a incoming call and you missed it or not logged into your Salesforce you see a missed call notification or you can say you can for that call to your mobile phone so you can do your business when you're traveling or just have a native voicemail experience right in Salesforce and now brings us to our latest release which is now now in this latest release we focused on the features that will supercharge sales productivity for example we have integration with sales console which allows you to open multiple records and manage multiple workspaces all within the same browser tab you can add leads contacts accounts all into a call list and power through that list of phone numbers one after another and once in a while when you hit somebody's voicemail with a click of a button you can leave a pre-recorded voicemail so saves you 10 20 seconds every time that you hit a voicemail we also worked our local presence so it depends on the number that you dial lightning dialer will dynamically display a local arrow as the caller ID so to your spec's it always appear as a local call and survey shows that drastically increase the injury and on the roll map we're working on other exciting features such as coaching call monitoring so a sales manager can silently listen into a conversation of an agent and provide them with feedback coaching recording sometimes you may have to record a conversation for quality purposes and we also want to integrate with our Salesforce one platform which is our mobile solution so you can access the lightning dialer functionality when you're on the go as you can see we are very focused on the sales use cases and and we're very clear on who we are building this product for our target user and that's always going to be the way that we evaluate and prioritize our our backlog now we know that we are not going to build every single functionality there are areas that we know that we are not going to focus right now for example for example a very heavy support or service use cases those are the areas that we are not actively actively focusing on but a good thing with salesforce is that it's also a platform so we have a lot of partners on our platform that provides their own CCI solutions with tight integration to Salesforce so for if you are looking for things like ID our toll-free number support called transferring SMS integration with your current phone system we have you have a lot of options on our app exchange ecosystem from one of our partners a lot of them also beyond on top of Twilio so that's a quick overview of what this product is now I want to spend the rest of this session just to show you how that works so I'm going to have my colleagues nirakari is going to be my customer for the demo and I guess I should put on this okay so what you see here is what we call the lining console for the lining console for sales now lining console allows you to open multiple records at the same time for example let me open a few records here so as you can see you can open multiple records and switch between different workspaces very easily so and it's all under the same browser tab now lining dialer integrates with the lining console it also works with a regular lining experience in Salesforce and today I'm going to show you the experience in lining console which is what you're seeing here now with lining dialer any phone number that you see in the system is now clickable so here I'm seeing list of leads this is my list view so I can click on the numbers and make a call right here or if I have a if I have a report here I have a report that's pulling a list of leads for a marketing campaign I can just IO down this report or let's say I'm working on a opportunity and here I see I have a test - today I have to follow up with Jason so I can just hover over Jason's name click on his phone number and make a call right from the browser and I'm dialing right from Salesforce hey Jason hey Andy how are you good so you think I'm overdressed no it's okay you're doing fine okay thank you so on the call I can take some notes and all Jason's informations right in front of me I can multitask I can navigate and find information I can I can send an email I can create a follow-up task follow a meeting I can do that and after the call lining Tyler will capture this activity for me automatically so here you see I have that activity capture on the timeline of this opportunity but not just the opportunity if I go to Jason's Recker it also shows up under Jason's timeline and of course Jason can call me back on the number that you that I call him so when I get an incoming call I will get a screen pop and we were look up Jason's record and we even served in some of the recent activities with Jason so before you pick up the phone you have a good idea what Jason may be calling you about but let's say I am NOT available right now I step away for for a few minutes and when I come back I will get a missed call notification here so I can see I just got a call from Jason I see when you call and if Jason left me a voicemail I can also listen to the voicemail right in Phil's yours as well I got your voicemail now you notice at the left lower left corner there's a phone component here and this is where you can access all your call history your incoming call your outgoing call your missed calls or your voicemail there's a keypad if you want to Dow in to a meeting or extension you can do that and we also have something called a call list now what scholars call this is a feature that that further increase your sales productivity in scenarios where you have to dial through a long list of phone numbers so here's an example let's go back to the list of the leads here's a list of leads assigned to me I need to reach reach out to everybody on this list and the first thing as a rep I need to figure out what which reach I call first so as you see on this list view I sorted it by the least score the least wear something that's powered by our Einstein art visual intelligence it can predict which leads are most likely to convert so I'm always working on the hottest leads first so I sorted it by the V score now I can do what I did earlier I can do click to dial one after another so I can click on the phone number make a call I can open the record I can take notes log a call and come back to this list view and then click on the next one but there's more efficient way to do that I can multi-select the the leads I want to dial and I can create a college so let's create a new one here so now I added all night records in the colors and I can keep adding so it not just for leads I can't ask them let's say let's I can add some contacts as well so I'll select some contacts this time I will add it to the existing call list so I added some contacts I can even add accounts let's add some accounts here so now I have my leads I have my contacts I might account all under the same call list right in front of me so when when I'm ready to rock and roll I just click dial you will automatically open the first record you would dial the number and I'm calling Kirsten hey Christian hello Andy ok great so I'm on the phone with Kirsten again I can take some notes here when I'm done the activity will be automatically captured and I also have a process running under the hood that automatically update a stage of this lead so if I quickly refresh this tab you'll see that now the lead is in the working stage and now I'm ready for the next call but instead of navigating back to the to my list view I have my call is right in front of me so all I need to do is click call necks again you will open the next lead you will dial the next number and I get James James let's say James is not available right now so I get James voice majority to a lot of times eventually your time to renew along the total numbers one chances are you're going to be very similar message down so you have really more the message and when you hear the beat you may hang up or press one for more options when you hear the meet you can just click a button you will drop that drop your pre-recorded message and you can just move on to the next call and of course we capture all that information on the timeline I see I let the voicemail for James and I also have a process that automatically create a follow-up task for me so making sure that I follow up with James and of course now the lead is also automatically update to update it to the working stage and when I'm done I just dial click context and I'm on the next call so one one other thing I want to mention earlier when I call both prospects I'm used also using the local presence feature so for them they're always going to see a local call based on their area code now as you can see that's a really great productivity tool if you are a sales rep now let's say you are a sales manager you can also create reports that show you that give you insights into your team's performance or you can go crazy you can build a very interactive dashboard that show you all kinds of cool things like code durations number of codes inbound versus ellbow your top account your law calls so there's a lot of things that you can do now the final piece of functionality I want to show you is how do I set up lightning dialer for my Salesforce instance well it requires great skills to turn a toggle on and literally you switch to the taco on along with the features you want to enable and then you assign the licenses to the user and that's all there is to it to set about lightning dialer in Salesforce so as you can see this is something that we are targeting a very native integration with Salesforce that's easy to set up so that's the demo I hope that gives you a good understanding of what lining dialer is Thank You nyaka so to sum up a lining dialer is a native calling experience in Salesforce it gives you sales productivity its service intelligence and one other benefit of being native to Salesforce platform is that it also works super well with a suite of other our other products and functionalities for example earlier you saw Einstein Lee scoring the demo you saw sales console we have things like Salesforce engage that you can further integrate with your marketing automation so along with our suite of products and functionalities we're helping you to drive sales productivity for and really working with you to reinvent the next generation of sales power by Einstein and if you like to learn more please visit our website online in dialer or Einstein high-velocity sales cloud and I want to thank you very much for attending the session and I will be around my team will be around to answer any questions thank you [Applause]