Building a Real-time Auction Engine Using Event Sourcing

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In barely half a year, my team of four launched a product that lets Artsy users bid in global sales hosted by our auction house partners in real-time. One of the core pieces of this system is a bidding engine, written in Scala and the Akka Framework. We created small open source library called Atomic Store, which builds upon Akka Persistence, to process bids in the event sourcing paradigm. This talk discusses how all the pieces fit together, in a use case in which consistency trumps availability.

SCALAR Conference 2017

Scalar jest, pierwszą w Środkowej Europie, konferencją całkowicie poświęconą językowi Scala. Wydarzenie odbywa się regularnie od 2014 roku, w Warszawie, łącząc programistów oraz pasjonatów tego fun...