To Clojure and back: writing and rewriting in Ruby

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Act 1 - State of Grace - After many years of Ruby, we built our app in Clojure, why not. Clojure is a breath of fresh air. Learn a lisp today! Act 2 - The Fall - It's harder to succeed when you're in a new and different ecosystem. How Clojure contrasts with Ruby. Act 3 - The Wilderness - Rewriting your app is a bad idea but we did it anyways. How we came to that decision. Act 4 - Reconciliation - How I write Ruby has changed: a discussion.

RubyConf 2016

The International Ruby Conference — more commonly known as RubyConf — has been the main annual gathering of Rubyists from around the world since 2001. Focused on fostering the Ruby programming lan...