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Spock - Powerful Elegant Web Applications using Haskell

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Functional programming and Haskell are growing faster than ever and provide a great tool for building both small and large robust applications. Lots of web applications start as very small and simple prototypes and then grow quickly and become more complex. Therefore you need a tool that allows high development speed and good performance while making sure that the developers do not get overwhelmed by complexity or overlook trivial security issues. Haskell is perfect for that: The type-system trustfully guides a developer while refactoring and prevents fatal security bugs.

f(by) 2015

F(by) – первая в Беларуси конференция, посвященная функциональным языкам программирования. В этом году отдельный поток выделен под Scala: разработчики из EPFL познакомят вас со значимыми обновлени...