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It's Time for Web Components

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If you use Angular, you annotate your classes with @Component. If you use React, you extend React.Component. If you use Polymer, it's because you want "to make the most of Web Components, a powerful new platform feature for extending HTML and componentizing your apps." If you ask me, it sounds like Web Components are kind of a big deal when it comes to modern web development. In this talk, Scott Davis (Principal Engineer with ThoughtWorks) discusses the shift from page-centric architecture (think jQuery) to component-centric architecture (think encapsulated, reusable, domain-specific custom HTML elements). You'll learn about the four core W3C APIs baked into (nearly) every modern browser -- Custom Elements, HTML Imports, Templates, and Shadow DOM. You'll also see how several modern web frameworks apply their syntactic sugar atop these core platform technologies.

Øredev 2017

Øredev is the perfect blend, with one day of in-depth pre-conference workshops and three days of sessions, you will get tons of inspiration and learning to keep you creating your best work all year...