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Effective and Clean Java Code? Tips and Tricks from the Real World

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Java has turned 20, but we still haven’t figured out how to create great Java code. Of course, we have examples of great developers and great code, but shouldn’t it be something common rather than unusual? We’ve seen Domain-Driven Design, Effective Java, Clean Code, Refactoring, Design Patterns.... But sometimes it’s still hard to apply all these great concepts in our projects. And we want to make proper use of encapsulation, immutability, the Law of Demeter, and lambdas. What we need is a proven set of tools, tips, and tricks gathered from successful real-world projects. We want to know how we can stop using basic types such as String, BigDecimal, List, and Map and how we can encapsulate information to craft great code. Attend this session to see code directly from the trenches.

jFokus 2017

Jfokus is the largest annual conference for everyone who works with Java in Sweden. The conference is arranged together with Javaforum Stockholm. Javaforum is a Swedish developer community and an o...