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Secrets to game-changing design sprints

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What would happen if your team had a clear focus, actually liked each other, and solved problems quickly and thoughtfully? What if collaboration was actually a thing and not just a buzzword, where everyone got to contribute toward how something should be designed, and not just the loudest and proudest in the room? What would it feel like to have time and space to think about the problems you’re solving - and support from the management? Many teams identify as agile, yet when it comes to product design, they default to a waterfall attitude and a selecting bias as to who is a ‘designer’ and who isn’t. As a result, design is considered a function of a department at war with others, and not a company culture. In attempts to bridge this gap, many teams have tried a concoction of design sprints, workshops, and exercises but failed to create lasting success, repeated performance, or a meaningful impact. Some even read Google’s book on design sprints, yet fizzled on execution. Others simply have no idea what’s available for them. If you’re keen to get to the next level of the game but are stuck, sit down and join us. Learn how to: Set up a design sprint so it’s an awesome experience Navigate the political BS so it doesn’t get derailed Facilitate your sprint so it goes off without a hitch Influence C/VP/Dir level so you can get resources Supercharge your influence in the organization

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