Tearing Down Walls: Web APIs For Desktop Applications

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Very few desktop apps expose APIs. In part, the use cases are just too obscure to bother with. But in part, building APIs requires us to bridge the web and the desktop, and that's not very easy. But it can be done. And you can do it too. One of my first jobs at Screenhero was to build an API that allowed Slack to control our desktop application. Journey with me through Screenhero’s API and see how we blended Ruby, Erlang, C, JavaScript, and sheer naïveté, all so you could type `/hero` into Slack and watch magic happen.

PolyConf 17

PolyConf is a three-day, single track, multi-disciplinary, non-profit conference on advanced technologies for programmers interested in polyglot approach to software development. Important dates: ...