The ReactJS Landscape

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ReactJS! Om! Reagent! Quiescent! ReactJS and ensemble have made a big splash in the ClojureScript world in the past year, but what exactly is it all about? It's exciting, but it's moving so fast that it can be overwhelming to keep up with. This talk is a refresher on what ReactJS is, and why it is a good fit for ClojureScript. It concludes with a survey of the three primary CLJS interfaces to React (Om, Reagent and Quiescent) and provides code samples and walkthroughs of example applications, comparing and contrasting the different approaches.

Clojure/West 2015

Clojure/west is the biggest Clojure conference in the western United States. Founded in 2012, the conference is a great place to meet Clojure developers and learn about what is happening in the lan...