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From Busy to Effective Developer

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New technologies, web frameworks or newborn languages are very important for every developer and are crucial to improve developers' skills. However, there is set of skills that very often developers miss and don't do much to improve in this area and speed up their growth. During this session you will learn not only how to prioritize your work, what to do with "too much to do" syndrome and how to stay focused on your current task. But also, you will learn tools and techniques to increase your productivity and save some time for even more interesting and challanging development tasks that you usually don't have time for. We will start from basic skills like touch typing, techniques for focusing on task (with elements of Pomodoro and GTD as well as others). Next we will move to tools to increase your productivity including like PowerShell and tools for functional tests and how they can help you be more productive as a developer. We will also take a look at scripting languages like Groovy and how we can utilize its features to be more productive and eliminate boring tasks. We will also talk a bit about gamification to include fun in your dialy job. You will also learn how to delegate your work even if you are not a manager. And how to effectively use tools like IM/chat, calendar, email and phone.

Confitura 2012

Confitura is one of the biggest Java conferences in Poland. It’s the place where Polish and International leaders of the Java community share their Java knowledge and experience during sessions and...