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Opaque Data Structures & Other Yerbas

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Opaque Data Structures provide a very nice technique to structure systems and they are particularly useful within the functional programming paradigm. With the addition of maps and the -opaque attribute for modules, Erlang is now perfectly suited to get the best of these structures, if you use it properly. In this talk I will show what opaque data structures are, how to use them and why they are so useful even more so if you're developing an open-source library. The talk will be conceptual, but it won't be 100% theory. I'll present examples and tools that allow us to better use the techniques I'm exposing.

Code BEAM SF 2018

BYE ERLANG FACTORY! HELLO CODE BEAM Welcome to Code BEAM SF conference, formerly known as the Erlang Factory, and lately as the Erlang & Elixir Factory. This is our first edition to embrace a f...