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Lessons in Ethical Development I Learned From Star Wars

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Star Wars fans may have been excited about last year's release of Rogue One because of the courageous new rebel characters it introduced, but it also provided a lot more insight into the Empire's Corp of Engineers and how their career paths ended with them working on building the Death Star. Engineers and developers, both in Star Wars and in the real world, have a responsibility to think about the ethics of our work and how it might be repurposed. Talking about good and evil can feel a little abstract, but Star Wars provides a great framework for thinking about morality in the context of our lives and work. This session will discuss ways of deciding for yourself what kinds of projects you are or aren't comfortable working and tips for self-accountability in your career, but all through the lens of characters we know and love from Star Wars - because talking ethics doesn't have to be scary or boring!

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