Eventil for speakers Get the most out of your tech speaking engagements

Submit proposals to events

Submit talk or workshop proposals to selected events and get notified about their acceptance status.

Build your speaker profile

Collect your speaking appearances in a single place to increase your tech expertise visibility.

Manage your availability

Manage speaking engagements requests from organisers of tech conferences & meetings around the world.


Speaker Visibility

We can create a speaker profile where you can track your involvement in various tech conferences or smaller events showcasing your technical skills at the same time

Drafts Management

We provide a centralized repository to manage drafts of your talks and workshops which can be easily submitted as proposals to tech events


We give you a constant access to your profile data so you can easily integrate it on your own website while we take care of keeping it up-to-date

Event/CFP Notifications

We notify you about « Call for Proposals » annoucements from events related to your technical skill set so you don't need to waste time on searching them yourself

Speaker Promotion

We promote your speaker profile through our marketing channels (social media, newsletter) and we suggest your speaker profile to organisers of relevant events


We manage the history of your speaking engagements for you so it's always up-to-date with each talk information completed with abstracts, slides or links to videos, available from a single location

Available Plans

Speaker Basic

$0 / month

Speaking history

Proposals management

Speaker Pro

$2.99 / month

Access to REST API

Access to GraphQL API (soon)

Featured in search

Event suggestions (soon)

Pro badge ;)

Speaker Premium

$29.99 / month

Profile stats (soon)

Automatic profile updates

Promoted tweets (soon)

Promoted Facebook posts (soon)

Priority support

Premium badge ;)

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