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Your User Doesn't Care About Your Entire Page, Flash Sales & Velocity Wrap Up

Jul 6, 2016 · Toronto, Canada

Summer is now here, and we're getting into gear!

We're pleased to announce our July 6th meetup. Joining us will be WealthSimple's Dan Godfrey, Shopify's Emil Stolarsky and the @ToWebPerf team will also discuss Velocity Santa Clara.

1. Your user doesn't care about your entire page and neither should you!

Perception is everything. At his previous position at Amazon, Dan Godfrey had done a significant amount of research that led to some eye opening findings. Perceived latency was influencing how users were interacting w/ the page. Now at WealthSimple, he plans to discuss how he is currently applying said user experience and performance findings, and how concepts like Click To Critical Feature give you a much better way to quantify the latency your user feels on your page. Dan will also also touch on concepts like TP90 and how it can help you narrow your efforts to what really matters.

Speaker: Dan Godfrey (WealthSimple)


Dan Godfrey is a software engineer at WealthSimple, formerly SDEII at Amazon, and freelance before that.

2. Flash Sale Engineering 

From stores with ads in the Super Bowl to selling Kanye’s latest album, Shopify has built a name for itself handling some of the world’s largest flash sales. These high profile events generate write-heavy traffic that can be four times our platform’s baseline throughput and don’t lend themselves to off-the-shelf solutions.
This talk is the story of how we engineered our platform to survive large bursts of traffic. Since it’s not financially sound for Shopify to have the required capacity always running, we built queueing and page caching layers into our Nginx load balancers with Lua. To guarantee these solutions worked, we tested them with a purpose-built load testing service. 
Although flash sales are unique to commerce platforms, the lessons we learn from them are applicable to any services that experience bursts of traffic. 

Speaker: Emil Stolarsky (Shopify)


Emil is a production engineer at Shopify where he works on performance, the production pipeline, and DNS tooling. When he's not trying to make Shopify's global performance heat map green, he's shivering over a spiked cup of coffee in the great Canadian north.

3. Velocity Santa Clara Wrap Up. 

Velocity is taking place June 20-23 in Santa Clara, CA. @ToWebPerf will take a few minutes to discuss what took place this year, the highlights, any significant discussions which were had and the predominant take aways for this year’s edition. 


VM FARMS address

Suite 301 - 675 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1M9 

Tell a friend and bring another. We hope to see you there.

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