XTC: Why Is Cultivating Observational Skills So Important?

Jul 5, 2018 · London, United Kingdom

Topic: Why Is Cultivating Observational Skills So Important?

Presented by: Mohinder Khosla

Observation is the basis of all knowledge: scientific, practical business or any other kind. The entire structure of knowledge rests upon the solid basis of observation. An individual striving for success, therefore, must begin by cultivating observational skills. As George Randolph Chester, a story teller, said: observation is the faculty upon which both creation and imagination are built.

As we go about performing our work we must know things about our occupation which is acquired only through investigation, enquiry and observation. One can obtain much needed information from books, blogs, magazines etc but that is only valuable when it is supplemented by individual observation. Other sources only give us account of someone else’s experience and observation.

The workshop discusses the importance of essential factors and general rules for efficient observation, explores observation skills through quizzes and games to cultivate observation skills. It introduces categories of observations along the lines of purpose to discover “whatness” and “workability” of things. Two types of games related to rapid sight and comprehensive sight observation are planned. How fun games such as ancient Italian hand game of Morra and game of cards can help in building rapid and comprehensive observation skills are introduced? A hint of Italian phrases are added to spice the workshop.

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