WordPress in 2016: JavaScript!

Jan 11, 2016 · King of Prussia, United States of America

We'll follow our format of two short (5 minutes) presentations, followed by a single longer one (20 minutes or longer). The longer presentation will serve as the basis for and introduction to a wider, open discussion among the group.
[6:30] Drinks + Networking
[7:00] Welcome + Introduction
[7:10] 5 WordPress Goals for 2016 – Liam Dempsey
[7:15] Gravity Forms + Authorize.net  – Eileen Violini
[7:20] JavaScript + WordPress: A Crash Course – Rami Abraham
[7:50] Open Questions + Requests for Help
[8:00] Return to Drinks + Networking
Please do invite people to join Phily 'burbs WordPress Meetup and to take part in Twitter conversations using #burbswp. You can also follow the Meetup on Twitter at @burbswp.
Here's the outline for Rami's talk:
JavaScript and WordPress: Crash Course Combo (for admins and developers alike)
This talk is divided into seven parts, on the following sub-topics:
1. An overview of JavaScript in WordPress: where and why biz/admin: Why should you care? + Resources for hiring for JavaScript developers written by programmers much smarter than I.
dev: WP core and 3rd-party JavaScript libraries - a journey to the DOM.
2. An overview of JavaScript fundamentals resources
biz/admin: Asking the right questions - knowledge of fundamentals is universally important.
dev: Where to learn about the points in part 3
3. JavaScript for PHP developers: common gotchas
biz/admin: Really asking the right questions
dev: A rapid overview of prototypes, variable scoping, this, that, let, and other things you'll hate.
4. Enqueueing JavaScript properly
biz/admin: So, you have a talented JS dev that doesn't know WP? They're totally salvageable. Probably.
dev: So, you're a talented JS dev that doesn't know WP? You're totally salvageable. Probably.
5. What library?
biz + dev: A fast overview of popular libraries.
6. Debugging
biz/admin: How to spot JavaScript issues on a site without knowing how to code (resources).
dev: Stop what you're doing and copy all of these code snippets.
7. Further resources Notes on where to go for the best JavaScript-related resources that've helped me over the years.
Each of the above sub-topics are divided into two parts: part one focuses on concerns for the business/site-owner, part two focuses on technical concerns for the person learning JavaScript.

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