Web Performance for a Perfect Single Page Application

Sep 3, 2015 · New York, United States of America

Web performance optimization techniques and practices are well defined, but rarely utilized to create fast, modern, single page web applications. In this tutorial Chris Love will demonstrate how to apply many common web performance optimization techniques and tricks to build a fast, native-like application user experience end users desire. In other words see how to apply performance best practices in a real-world application scenario.

This tutorial will demonstrate the following concepts:

• Using the 14kb Rule for Instant Loading

• Markup Management

• Eliminating Excess AJAX Calls

• Working With and Around Application Cache

• Developing A Responsive Image Strategy

• Implementing A Good Touch First Strategy

• See How to Implement Small, Subtle Performance First

• Techniques to Have a Big Impact

• Code Management for good Production and Development

• Experiences

• Using Task Runners to Build & Deploy Production Code 

Chris (@ChrisLove) is a front-end developer for people and companies who are lost in the sea of modern web and user experience standards. Through his Blog, Speaking and books, he’s here to help you shake up your approach to web development while making it all feel like fun. His insights and opinions have been featured in various magazines and popular web sites. He has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals ranging from mom and pops through major corporate brands build modern web experiences. And when he’s not working on front-end development, you can find him spending time with his step-kids, learning karate and serving on his church's board of directors.

Spotify is hosting us again. And they still have food and beer!

As always, we are going to have geekaways with awesome prizes!


6:30 - Arrive at Spotify, meet other members
6:45 - Event starts
7:00 - Web Performance for a Perfect Single Page Application (Chris Love)
8:00 - Q&A
8:15 - "Books and Stuff" geekaways
8:30 - Open Discussion, Networking


45 West 18th St
7th floor
New York, NY

Directions on Google Maps: http://bit.ly/1Jx2bUA

Entrance on StreetView: http://bit.ly/1QDVVyp

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