Web application security & Functional Java - introduction

Dec 13, 2017 · Rzeszów, Poland


Next meeting is on the way! We needed to change a date & a venue - I hope it will suit you. 

To the point!

• Talk #1: Łukasz Biały "Functional Java - introduction"

Functional-oriented programming languages are becoming more and more popular. Can Java developers  gain anything from embracing the functional hype? In my talk I'll try to show that it's worth to incorporate functional idioms into your codebase to achieve greater type-safety, compile-time error detection and composability by using Java 8's lambdas, functional interfaces, language- extending libraries like Javaslang and functional-reactive programming library Rxjava.

Polyglot full-stack developer currently employing his enthusiasm for functional programming and quality coding at VirtusLab. Permanent learner with severe information dependency problem. Enjoys conversations about philosophy and all things related to mind's inner workings. Loves mountains and hiking. 

• Talk #2: Michał Borkowski "Web application security - A tale of security, betrayal and revenge"

In the internet age more and more of our personal information, communication and secrets are kept online. If we neglect to secure our applications we become an easy target for any kind of attack. Let's make a short round of what can happen if you're not secure, mess with the wrong crowd and lastly what you can do about it. The talk is directed at programmers that know of security but it's not their bread and butter. We'll cover basics of cryptography, why and how we should authenticate users and lastly some popular attack vectors in the web world (XSS, session hijacking, etc.).

Michał is a Java Developer at PGS Software. Besides development work he likes sharing his knowledge with interns and students. In his free time he likes to experiment with microservice architecture or build simple things from scratch, virtually reinventing the wheel. He tends to use tools appropriate for the job but his real love is vim in tmux in black & white terminal window setup. He's known for sharing what little knowledge he has passing it as "anecdotes", whether someone wants to hear it or not.


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Huge thanks to VirtusLab for sponsoring the event - venue, drinks & video. 

See you soon! 
Natalia, RJUG Team

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