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The first ever VOXXED Days THESSALONIKI event will run on October 21st, 2016, in Thessaloniki Greece. This developer conference will bring together popular speakers, core developers of popular open source technologies and professionals willing to share their knowledge and experiences. It’s a 2 days event, one pre-conferene day with workshops and the main event day with 2 keynote sessions, 3 tracks on different topics and 17 international speakers. The ( more than 350 expected from Greece and the Balkans) attendees can satisfy their curiosity and learn new skills while socializing, enjoying and having fun!



From .component() to @Component

Todd Motto, Developer advocate @Telerik & Google Developer Expert
Small toddmotto 150x150

Rightsize Your Services with WildFly & WildFly Swarm

Dimitris Andreadis, Software Engineering Manager @RedHat
Small dandreadis 150x150

Continuous Delivery: Jenkins, Docker and Spring Boot

Rafal Leszko, Java developer and trainer
Small rafal lezsko 150x150

5 must-have patterns for your web-scale Microservice

Ali Kheyrollahi, Distributed systems practitioner
Small ali 150x150


Danilo Poccia, Technical Evangelist @Amazon Web Services
Small danilo poccia 150x150

WebAssembly, the browser VM we were waiting for

Boyan Mihaylov, Web enthusiast, software architect and improviser
Small bomjsddh 150x150

Documentation avoidance for developers

Peter Hilton, Product Developer at Signavio
Small peterhilton

A journey to Open Source Technologies on Azure

Alex Yochev, DX Technical Evangelist @Microsoft
Small alexyochev 002 150x150

Streaming Engines for Big Data. Spark Streaming: a case study

Stavros Kontopoulos, R&D polyglot software engineer @Lightbend
Small stavroskontopoulos 150x150

Whirlwind tour through the HTTP2 spec

Ole Michaelis, Co-founder of SoCoded
Small olemichaelis 150x150

Microservices in production

Timo Derstappen, Founder & CTO at Giant Swarm
Small timoderstappen 150x150

Scaling React.js applications

Max Stoiber, Makes styled-components, react-boilerplate, KeystoneJS and CarteBlanche. Open Source Developer, Thinkmill.
Small profilbild 2016

Herding Cats to a Firefight: The evolution of an engineering on-call team

Grace Chang, Software Engineer @Yammer
Small gchang 150x150

Getting started with microservices on Kubernetes

Ioannis Canellos, Principal Engineer @RedHat
Small ioannis canellos 1 150x150

Use ES2015+ now, not later!

Christophe Porteneuve, Code weaver & passionate about teaching
Small christopheporteneuve 150x150

JDK 9: Big Changes To Make Java Smaller

Simon Ritter, Depity CTO @Azul Systems
Small simonritter 150x150

Crafting Code

Sandro Mancuso, Software craftsman @Codurance
Small sandro mancuso 150x150

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