Universally Loved State Container Redux.JS Reimagined In F#

Sep 22, 2016 · Sydney, Australia

Aaron Powell, a principal Readify consultant and MVP extraordinaire, is going to talk to us about what Redux.JS might look like if it was expressed in F#.

What is Redux.JS? It's a well written and designed state container that adheres to functional principles. Its approach is universally praised (inside Facebook at least). It's useful and popular. It gives a lot of mileage when used in combination with React.js.

The core Redux <a>principles</a> sound kind of familiar, and well, functional:

1. a single source of truth. All state in a single tree. Redo / Undo becomes trivial

2. read-only state (or "immutability" in F# land)

3. changes are made with pure functions

Come along to get fundamental insights into the Redux framework. The talk will be highly illustrative, and not just limited to F#. We suspect that F# might even be a useful teaching tool for illustrative purposes. If you don't know F#, that's even better -- you'll be able to let us know if the experiment worked.

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    The F# programming language is like a typed Python. The F# language was carefully crafted to have the ease of a scripted language, without run-time wait-and-see surprises.  With F#, you also get the instant REPL feedback which we normally associated interpreted languages. So, you get more action with less fuss... and you get to keep that sure-footed certainty, without getting clumsy. At least ...

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