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A research paper is a very thorough document over a study that generally is meant to produce some new knowledge or argument. There will be some tasks that will require a student or writer to research other research papers before writing their own. It is an important skill to realize how to critically analyse research paper in a short amount of time. There are many important steps to undertake before analysing the paper, firstly the intention for the topic should be defined. The intended topic or argument should be most closely relevant to the objective of the research paper by essay writers free that is to be analysed. After this, it should be proceeded by:

  1. Formulate questions: To critically analyse research paper it is a good practice to have some questions ready in mind. These questions are related to the topic and should be formed after understanding the introduction of the paper. This way the reader will be sure where to look and be prepared for critical analysis.

  2. Look at illustrations: Commonly there are pictorial displays of data that give an idea about the research findings. Skimming through them help in a great way to understand what is being presented.

a. Make brief notes about the methodology, inference and variables.
b. Also make more questions after reading this illustration in the research paper.
c. Assume some other methodology that could be more effective or relevant to the writer’s next research paper.

  1. Read the research paper: After having a good idea of the research paper objective and methodology, the reader should go through all parts of research paper. Just read through once and highlight the areas that answer the questions that were previously conceived. If the passages create a new curiosity, it is important to note those questions.

  2. Critical Analysis: This step is particularly dependent of the structure of the research paper. Each portion or part of research paper should be analysed for its purpose. For example:

a. The introduction should cover all prior information that will go forward with the research, plus there should be no significant current issue ignored.
b. The objective, hypothesis and alternative hypothesis should correctly and comprehensively directly the research.
c. Identify the assumptions that are explicitly and implicitly used in the research. Even the subtle assumptions are important to note and judge how it affects the research and whether they were acceptable.

  1. Judge the methodology: Judge whether the current methodology used for the research was the best and pragmatic approach to an accurate research.

  2. Validity of data: Check whether the data is relevant and helpful to the research.

  3. Conclusion: Finally conclude with a few new questions that would come to mind and recommend further research for the topic, if necessary.

With these steps carefully followed, it will help the reader to critically analyse research paper. The analysis will prove to be a good scrutiny and better use of time. The conventional methods would demand repeated readings which could bring bias and different opinions every time. This procedure is by far very effective, especially for a scientific research paper.

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