The Hybrid Organisation

Sep 11, 2013 · London, United Kingdom
As part of the Microsoft Cloud O/S initiative there will be a week of community driven events focusing on different aspects of Windows Azure.
In this event the UK Connected Systems User Group will be hosting a full day event about the Hybrid Organisation.  The event will focus on the technologies which make up the Microsoft Integration Platform and will be used to enable organisations to leverage a combination of cloud and on-premise applications through the hybrid integration pattern.
We have been fortunate enough to get support from some well known thought leaders in this space who will be at this event to share their experiences with the technologies in this space.  Some of the technologies which will be discussed at this event will include:

Windows Azure Service Bus
Windows Azure BizTalk Services
Microsoft BizTalk Server (both on Premise & Cloud Virtual Machine)

There is also a brochure available for the event.  Click Here
The target audience for this event is:

Developers & architects who develop cloud and integration solutions
Technical decision makers who are considering hybrid solutions and want to know more about the technologies and real world experiences

While this is a UK hosted event, the event is open for registration for anyone, so if your are based in Europe for example and have an interest in this topic and would be happy to come over to London then we would love you to join us.  Obviously we can not cover your travel or accomodation expenses :-)
The level for this session will be 200-300.
This means there will be some code demonstrations and technical elements to the sessions.  There will also be lots of strategic discussion around these technologies and the future of this integration space.  
There will also be opportunities for open discussion and networking to share experiences with others.
The following speakers will be at this event.

Clemens Vasters
Richard Seroter
Sam Vanhoutte
Michael Stephenson
Saravana Kumar
Steve Andrews
Ricardo Torre

There will also be a couple of other speakers who are yet to be confirmed.




Mike Stephenson


Real-world Hybrid Integration Stories

Mike Stephenson & Steve Andrews


Smart Products - The next wave in integration challenges

Clemens Vasters





Integration Techniques for Cloud SaaS Applications

Richard Seroter


Building Modern Business Apps with Windows Azure Notification Hubs

Saravana Kumar
& Ricardo Torre





A million connections

Clemens Vasters


Cloud Integration: Patterns, Technologies & Trends

Richard Seroter





A lap Around Windows Azure BizTalk Services

Sam Vanhoutte






Mike Stephenson

 Please note this agenda is subject to change
Normally we do not charge for attendees at user group meetings but this event will incur some costs which we need to cover, and also we have a limited capacity for the event and we want to ensure as much as possible that those who purchase a ticket will attend the event.
We will follow the same approach as the BizTalk Innovation Event which proved so successful in January where a small ticket price of £20 ensured that people only booked a ticket if they were sure they could attend.
Any profits from this event will be used to help fund future user group events.
Session Details
As the agenda is finalised we will confirm additional details around the sessions below.
Smart Products – The next wave in integration challenges - Clemens Vasters
Integration architects and developers are solving the most exciting problems in information technology. They think. Only they think that. But that might be about to change.  Over the last couple of years and growing in the last several months, there’s a very rapidly rising level of noise and genuine excitement around “smart products” and “Internet of Things”.  Smart Home, Smart Energy, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Logistics, Connected Cars.  Sensors everywhere. Cyber-Physical something. And everybody thinks they know that one best solution for the planet and drives a proprietary strategy. Welcome to 1993 in 2013. Over the prospect of having to go through all this again, you may now choose to retire or choose to help out

A million connections - Clemens Vasters 
In this session we’ll look at options for building systems that need to deal with an enormous amount of concurrent clients. And at we’ll look at some that are already doing that for you. The biggest application on Windows Azure Notification Hubs has more than 10 million devices ready to receive alerts. There are solutions on top of Service Bus that manage commands and notifications for and data from hundreds of thousands of devices. And it turns out, a lot of these kinds of solutions are much less web than messaging.

Real-world Hybrid Integration Stories – Mike Stephenson
Bupa are a global healthcare organization and are an interesting company when it comes to the hybrid integration space.  Rather than a few niche projects there is widespread adoption of the opportunities made available through cloud computing and the ability to create a hybrid integration solution.  We will discuss some of the most interesting projects implemented by Bupa and common integration patterns.  
A lap Around Windows Azure BizTalk Services – Sam Vanhoutte
Windows Azure BizTalk Services was released on TechEd this year and it is a brand new Windows Azure service that is now in a public preview mode. 
Sam has been working with Windows Azure BizTalk Services over the past 2 years in close collaboration with the product team.  In this session, he will demonstrate the different integration capabilities that are part of Windows Azure BizTalk Services and will talk about the lessons that he learned, while working for Codit, as a launch partner with Windows Azure BizTalk Services.

Expect a demonstration of the following features:
Hybrid line of business connectivity with the Adapter Service
Bridges and custom code in bridges
EDI integration
Extensibility of the platform
Comparison between BizTalk and BizTalk Services


Cloud Integration Patterns & Trends – Richard Seroter
The cloud has introduced a host of new integration challenges as organizations try to connect their new cloud environments to existing on-premises systems. How do you link to your existing data, applications, networks and identity? Which patterns are still valid in the cloud, and how do you re-architect them to account for cloud platforms? In this talk, we’ll look at how to apply tried-and-true patterns to the cloud, and which technologies support successful, comprehensive cloud integration.
Technologies demonstrated: Windows Azure Web Sites, Windows Azure Service Bus, Windows Azure BizTalk Services, Active Directory Federation Services, .NET, Node.js, Informatica Cloud,
Integration Techniques for Cloud SaaS Applications – Richard Seroter
While cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is growing in popularity, software-as-a-service (SaaS) is officially mainstream as most large organizations are now using some SaaS for human resources, accounting, sales and marketing, and much more. CRM is rapidly becoming the most mature SaaS domain and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and have emerged as two leading providers. In this session, we’ll discuss the various strategies for connecting to SaaS (CRM) applications for real-time and scheduled integration.
Technologies demonstrated: Windows Azure Service Bus, Dynamics CRM Online, Informatica Cloud,

Building Modern Business Apps with Windows Azure Notification Hubs - Saravana Kumar & Ricardo Terre
In this new era, apps became the new way for user to interact with their favorite services. Part of any modern day apps whether its iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Windows Store notifying the users is one key element Ex: Facebook updates, Weather update, Traffic update etc. One of the key challenge here is sending notifications to millions of users in a reliable way across devices and platforms. That's the exact problem Windows Azure Notifications solves for us.
Notification are not just for consumer facing fancy apps, it can be used for business applications as well. In this session, Saravana Kumar shows how some of the business critical alerts can be transmitted to wide variety of devices taking advantage of some of the new Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 capabilities and Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs.

Sponsors & Partners
We are currently in the process of discussing event sponsors and if you would be interested there are some sponsorship opportunities available, please contact us via the contact options on this page

BizTalk 360
BizTalk360 helps customers to efficiently operate the Microsoft BizTalk Server environments. It provides various capabilities like fine grained authorization (ex: read-only access to group of people), monitoring and alerting (when the environment violates thresholds such as so many suspended instances, disk out of space, etc.), graphical message flow viewer, throttling analyzer (to easily understand throttling conditions), Message Box Viewer integration etc. It helps environment owners to keep an eye on the health of the environment, by receiving regular health emails alerts. There are various dashboards, specialized advanced event viewer, in-built knowledge base repository to help support people diagnose and fix day to day problems easily in BizTalk environment. The governance/audit capability helps organization to audit support people activities in the BizTalk environment.
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Hancock & Parsons
Hancock & Parsons,is a niche recruitment company with 10 years experience recruiting Microsoft professionals on a contract and permanent basis. They work with some of the top Microsoft Gold Partners in the UK ensuring that they have the best talent on board to deliver their projects. Hancock and Parsons is also Europe’s leading supplier of Windows Azure resources to the Microsoft Partner community. Hancock and Parsons are also the founders of the UK Windows Azure User Group –

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Microsoft Cloud O/S Vision
More information can be found about the Microsoft Cloud O/S vision on the following link:
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