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Tech Jargon Game Workshop

Jan 27, 2020 · Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Belgium

The Tech Jargon workshop is a one-day interactive hands-on workshop designed to help participants gain understanding of the main categories within the IT sector and to grasp technical concepts and the relations between them.

With the help of a visual card game and led by a software engineer, participants have to find the true meaning of each technical term and how they relate to each other in small teams.

The workshop covers in depth the following topics:
- Programming languages and frameworks
- Front end and back end technologies
- Browsers
- Operating Systems
- Web and Mobile technologies
- DevOps
- Databases
- Softwares and Hardwares
- Cloud technologies

The training 's agenda includes:
- First challenge: in small teams, try to allocate the different terms in the right categories with the help of visual cards
- Second phase: let's move things around! The mentor will check the results of the small challenge, and will explain the categories and the different terms. Through interactive explanations you will get the broader picture of the IT world and will understand the terms you got right and wrong and why.
- Q&A part: you will receive lots of info and many questions will pop in your head! No worries, there is time to clarify doubts as well
- Hands-on exercise: by the end of the day, you will be able to put your new knowledge into practice by working with some documents that use the terminology and get a first impression of how this can help you in your daily work.

Who follows our training?
This workshop is designed for anybody that comes in contact with IT terms on a daily basis. Whether you are a manager, product owner, business developer, marketeer or recruiter that comes in contact with IT terms on a daily basis.

What is the required knowledge to join this workshop?
None! The training is designed for people without an IT background. Whether you have been working on the business side of an IT company for some time or you are just getting started, our mentor will gradually walk you through the IT landscape and terminology and will equip you with meaningful insights for your daily tasks.

Participants should be comfortable following the training in English

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