Taking advantage of ServiceWorker and WebWorkers for faster boot up times

Mar 16, 2016 · New York, United States of America

Gleb Bahmutov and Nolan Lawson will talk about ServiceWorkers and WebWorkers.

Gleb Bahmutov (@bahmutov) is JavaScript ninja, image processing expert and software quality fanatic. After receiving a PhD in computer science from Purdue University, Gleb worked on laser scanners, 3D reconstruction, and panorama-based virtual tours at EveryScape. Later Gleb switched to writing browser data visualization software at MathWorks. After a year, Gleb went back to the startup environment and developed software quality analysis tools at uTest (now Applause). Today Gleb is developing real-time financial analysis tools at Kensho.

WebWorkers have been very useful for performing computation-intensive tasks in parallel, preventing browser lockup. Recently a new beast has appeared: the ServiceWorker. Most examples show this technology used to provide powerful offline and caching. Gleb will show how to use ServiceWorker to implement what used to be impossible

• Make any web application appear instantly in the browser

• Run the most popular Nodejs server ExpressJS completely inside your browser

Nolan Lawson (@nolanlawson) is a dual Android/web developer at Squarespace, and co-maintainer of PouchDB. He's passionate about offline, performance, and pushing the boundaries of the mobile web.

"You have nothing to lose but your single-threaded environment"

• Web workers: surprisingly powerful, tragically underused

• Perf and framerate benefits (with data!)

• Polyfilling for naughty browsers

• Future: WebGL, Canvas2D, and other marvels browser vendors are cooking up

Spotify is hosting us again. And they still have food and beer!

As always, we are going to have "geekaways" with geeky prizes!


6:30 - Arrive at Spotify, meet other members
6:45 - Event starts
7:00 - Taking advantage of ServiceWorker and WebWorkers for faster boot up times (Gleb Bahmutov & Nolan Lawson)
8:00 - Q&A
8:15 - "Books and Stuff" geekaways
8:30 - Open Discussion, Networking


45 West 18th St
7th floor
New York, NY

Directions on Google Maps: http://bit.ly/1Jx2bUA

Entrance on StreetView: http://bit.ly/1Jc5g6P

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