Swift Meetup Munich X

Apr 25, 2018 · München, Germany

This year is passing so Swift!

This time we have a very special Meetup - its our 10th edition since the reboot.

Scout24 will be our host this time and is happy to welcome all of you Swift enthusiasts for another awesome event!


18:30 - Doors open
We will open the doors for delicious snacks & beer to have something to hold on to while talking and chatting. Get enthusiastic for the first talk! :)

19:00 - Session I
let title = “Escaping Callback Hell with Promises”
let abstract = “Compared to just a few years ago modern apps have a lot that could be going on at any given point in time. Some of these things are triggered by the user, others might be housekeeping tasks that the app performs regularly. But because users expect apps to be fast and responsive, the heavy lifting behind these things has to happen asynchronously. The performance aspect of this is relatively easily addressed using built-in APIs, e.g. Grand Central Dispatch and NSOperation. Coordinating an ever higher number of asynchronous operations, on the other hand, while keeping the code readable becomes disproportionally difficult with the built-in tools – especially when some of these operations depend on the outcome of others. Promises are a great way to avoid pyramids of doom and callback hell.”
let author = (“Georg C. Brückmann”, “Lead iOS Developer”, “AutoScout24”)

19:45 - Session II
let title = “How to write Unit Tests for Networking”
let abstract = “Majority of Apps communicates with a backend interface therefore should contain Unit test cases for them. Meaning: majority of app projects doesn’t have them or the Unplugged act of them is not something you would enjoy very much. The bad news is that we can’t help to you to convience your stakeholders about the importance of unit tests. The good news is we can show a way to write your network tests as true unit tests (small, easy, fast, repeatable) without using any external dependency and keep them green without an actual network connection.”
let author = (“Zsolt Mikola”, “iOS Developer”, “AutoScout24")

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the event!

!! Call to action !!
If anybody of you has a topic he/she is enthusiastic and passionate about, just drop us a note. We are always looking for new speakers :)
And to all newbie speakers: Just give it a try, accept the challenge - we don't bite and you'll be super proud of yourself afterwards ;)

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