Supercharge Your Brand! - How to build a Kickass Brand

Jun 21, 2017 · Berlin, Germany

We're happy to announce the upcoming Meetup from our Partner Group Masters of Marketing:

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If you're a busy entrepreneur, startup or professional, chances are that brand building is not on top of your list. The only time your brand takes center stage is when you feel that you haven't tapped into the full potential of your business and you know that something is holding you back. 

Brand building is one of the core disciplines in marketing and entrepreneurship in general. Big companies like Apple understand that and play the game like Mozart plays the piano - they are masters in building successful and attractive brands. But how can you reverse engineer their strategies and implement them for your business, your startup, SMB or even as a freelancer, coach, consultant or trainer?

Easy bro' - we already did this for you and are happy to share our knowledge with you!

In this MeetUp we show you easy applicable strategies on how to build a Kickass Brand!

The MeetUp will take place in the lovely Ahoy! Berlin Space and we serve you two outstanding speakers/experts in the art of brand building.

Daniel Trattler -


Daniel Trattler is Managing Director / Creative Director at eobiont, a Berlin based Branding Agency. 

eobiont thinks that people are fed up with advertising campaigns that lie, manipulate and make people feel bad about themselves. Fortunately it has become increasingly difficult to play that game. After all, the truth is a Google search away. eobiont serves with a different approach by helping organizations to solve difficult communication problems and helping innovative startups gaining traction in an untested market. This kind of work is highly challenging, creative at its core and ideally makes the world a little bit better. 

Their clients and projects are extremely diverse, but they always start with the same exercise, calibrating organization goals to user needs. eobiont’s unique methodology has been nurtured and tweaked by fifteen years of experience. We’re not going to go into details here – for that you’ll have to join the MeetUp – but what you can expect is intellectual thoroughness and a dogged pursuit of actionable insight. 

Daniel will give a short talk and then will go into workshop-action-mode! Expect to leave the MeetUp with some real-life solutions for your business. 

Benno Sawitzki - 


Benno Sawitzki runs the brand consultancy "Effektlabor - Digital Branding Lab" and is specialized in Personal Branding for Coaches, Consultants & Trainers. He also works with a handful of successful brands in the Berlin Tech & Startup community. 

During the last 10 years Benno developed a very unique and special 7-step brand building process - a blueprint on how to build an outstanding Personal Brand.

Benno will guide you through his process and deliver a hands-on workshop experience on Personal Branding. If you're a Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Solopreneur, Freelancer or wanna establish your Personal Brand as an entrepreneur in general this MeetUp is your place to be!

Bennos Brand Building Process covers the following disciplines:

- Brand Identity 
- Core Offer 
- Target Group & Customer Personas 
- Positioning 
- Brand Design 
- Storytelling 
- Brand Marketing 

See you there!

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