Startup or enterprise? Where is the fit for Angular and Ionic?

Jan 21, 2016 · Poznań, Poland

We would like to invite you to the first Ionic Poland & ngPoznan meetup in 2016. Attend interesting presentations and meet people! This meetup is amazing because we connect startups and enterprises. At the meetup you can see how to use Ionic and AngularJS to create awesome products and make business. Join us and share knowledge.

Presentations & Speakers

1.Ionic + PouchDB/CouchDB - offline first approach - Marcin Wieprzkowicz, PrimeModule

2.Management of personal finances in BZWBK24 internet using AngularJs - Michał Rein, Bank Zachodni WBK

3.From noodles to John Papa's, from MVP to product - Krzysiek Hasiński, GetBadges

4.eFX platform in BZWBK24 mobile application using Ionic framework - Cezary Zadorocki, Bank Zachodni WBK


Are you interested in being a speaker? Let us know!

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