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Scrumban the Hybrid framework, How it's done ?

Aug 7, 2019 · פתח תקווה, Israel

In this session, we will learn and see how Scrumban is used in a live environment and how the Hybrid framework benefits the most with its values, principles & flow from just stand alone Scrum or Kanban frameworks.

About our speakers:

About Scrumban:
Scrumban is a hybrid approach that combines the practices, and mindset, from Scrum and Kanban. It is similar to Scrum in many ways but borrows a lot of cultural nuance from Kanban. Because it is a hybrid, teams in the industry have chosen to implement Scrumban differently based on the team's experience, organizational structure, and culture. It is often used for mature product lines that are susceptible to interrupts.

Kanban adheres to the following key tenets: visualizing workflow, limiting work in process (WIP), and measuring productivity. Scrumban also follows those tenets.

Often in Scrum, you will have a Story with sub-tasks representing the work to be done (very common if you are using Jira). Using Scrumban you would have a Story that progresses through various stages (or phases) or work. The Stories that the team is working on and who is working on what aspect of that Story, are always visible in each stage.

Scrumban removes the practice of limiting WIP by time (i.e. velocity and Sprint boundary) and replaces it by limiting WIP for each stage. The real benefit of this is that team composition issues become clear and swarming occurs naturally. Additionally, this allows teams to take on varying size stories without having to adjust for Sprint boundaries and unplanned, or frequent, changes in team composition (e.g. someone is unexpectedly out sick for a week in the middle of the current Sprint).

Scrumban, like Kanban, measures productivity using Cycle and Lead Time metrics. Cycle Time is the time from when someone starts working on a Story until the work is completed. Lead Time is the total time a Story is on the Scrumban board (often it starts when a Story is put on a Ready stage until it is off the board or shipped).

Finally, Scrumban is based on having a continuous flow of work. Once the pumps have been primed (initially you will have to "push" stories into the various phases), then Scrumban follows a "pull approach" for completing work.

You can see more about Scrumban here:

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