Comparing and contrasting Angular, React and Ember

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 7:00 PM

Comparing and contrasting Angular, React and Ember


Polyglot.Tech is a series of events that compare and contrast various technologies to help choose the right tool for the job.

At this meeting, we will be comparing Angular 2, React and Ember


The place has limited capacity, please register using the button above to secure your place.


  • 3 short presentations about each technology (10-15 min),
  • moderated discussion panel (1h)
  • time for networking and discussions


Oskar Rough
Vladimir Barsukov
Pascal Weiland
James Henry
Marco Otte-Witte

Are you familiar with Angular, React or Ember ? Feel free to join the discussion as a panelist or submit your talk proposal using button above . Optionally, you can check this short video tutorial showing how to create and submit proposal.

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