Quantum Communication

Sep 25, 2021 · Toronto, Canada

Yet another meetup hosted by the Washington Quantum Computing Group!

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Taken from the Meetup Page:

Topic abstract :
With the growing interest and innovation in quantum computing, the security of classical cryptography is at risk. As classical cryptography is based on complex mathematical problems, which could be solved in a fraction of second with these QCs. Quantum communication provides solution to this problem, based on the fundamentals of quantum mechanics such as no-cloning theorem and uncertainty principle. Information is encoded in different degrees of freedom of single photons such as polarization, phase, spin. Since the introduction of the first quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol BB84 in 1984 by Charles Bennett and Gilles Brassard, the research in the field has bloomed. With scholars around the world developing new and more efficient protocols to attain a shared objective of global quantum internet. QKD links has been demonstrated in both fiber-based and satellite based setups, but still there is a problem in terms of attaining sustainable key rates over large distances. One solution to this hurdle is to use quantum repeaters, but such technology is still in it’s early stages, so the best way to attain such feat is to use a hybrid network comprising of both the fiber and satellite based QKD links. But there are challenges in the form of minimizing the attenuation, day-time operation for the satellite based links. Using appropriate and sophisticated optic systems, the impact from these problems could be minimized.


Nitish Swami is a first year doctorate researcher at Waterford Institute of Technology (Walton Institute). He has a masters in applied physics from the University of Limerick, Ireland and an undergrad in physics from University of Delhi, India. Nitish is working on space quantum communication links for a quantum network, with a focus on optical system for such links. Nitish is also an enthusiast of landscape photography and likes to go for hiking trips in his leisure time.

Moderators : Pawel Gora, Kareem El-Safty



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