Pre-PolyConf POZnan DevOps: Unikernels


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  • Medium 200613

A local group of DevOps people in the city of POZnan that meets once a month. Our aim is to animate the local community by helping companies to embrace DevOps approach and by exchanging experiences. Feel free to join us!


It's a special edition of POZnan DevOps with Sean Grove as our guest speaker. He will be talking about a potential future direction in DevOps industry, i.e. Unikernels

What happens to development, deployment, and DevOps in general when your application contains its own operating system, can boot as a VM (like docker on steroids) in 50ms, and is tiny enough so that you could check every version ever deployed into a git repository?

Sean is also a YCombinator founder (S11) and he can answer any questions around startups, YC, raising money, the valley, etc.

After the event we go for beers (sponsored by Nukomeet).

Space is limited, so please be sure to register.



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