Pre-dotScale & dotAi DataGeeks - by

May 30, 2018 · Paris, France

ParisDataGeeks is back with a special pre-dotScale & dotAI meetup! This is going to be an Informal meetup, an occasion to meet and chat with people from the Parisian community as well as people coming especially for the conferences.

Next time we will have a normal DataGeeks format with talks and all. This time it is about mingling! (also I didn't really have time to prepare this one, you may have heard, my startup .. just announced a $34M raise.. that took some work :) But to excuse myself.. is paying for the Drinks! ) .

To learn more about dotScale hop on to it is on the 1st of June and Ai is on Thursday the day after the meetup..

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    Let's get together and chat about machine-learning, natural language processing, large scale data analytics, NoSQL databases, the semantic web and linked data. All things Data. We welcome everyone, to share experiences on large scale data processing, and distributed systems related topics. Whether you are students, academic researchers, software engineers, Gus de Garages, trendy web 3.0 entrepreneurs, as long as you want to change the digital world while drinking mojitos, beers or orange juice.

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