Phoenix Elixir vs Rails Ruby

Apr 13, 2016 · Seoul, Germany

Polyglot.Tech is a series of events that compare and contrast various technologies. At this meeting, we will compare Elixir/Phoenix and Ruby/Rails

Here's the agenda:
- two short presentations about each technology (10-15 min),
- discussion panel,
- time for networking and stormy discussions!

Meet our panelists:
- Dennis Czombera
- Lukasz Lazewski
- Anita Jaszewska
- Hugo Duksis

After a great success of the meeting in POZnań, we are moving to Berlin!

Are you familiar with Rails or Phoenix? If so, feel free to submit your talk proposal using the button above.

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  • Polyglot Tech

    A series of events that compare and contrast various technologies to help choose the right tool for the job. So far we did: Angular vs React, Elixir vs Ruby, Erlang/Elixir vs Node/Clojure in Berlin, London, Paris, Warsaw and San Francisco.

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